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Zoya Ibrahim

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Zoya Ibrahim aims to give a voice to the voiceless by writing stories that the mainstream media hesitates to cover. When she's not writing, she likes to study sociology and discover ways to improve the Muslim community's life and awareness to better suit their religion.

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Zoya Ibrahim
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Too many cancellations. Please try again later. No driver was accepting our Uber request, and it had started snowing now. The sunlight, as little as an infant’s breath, glinted off from the glass-like tips of tiny snowflakes that flurried onto us from the sky like…

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Zoya Ibrahim
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Previously on Demonic Vows: When Jawad had broken the Mottaqī laws and ran to meet a Whisperer, Warisa came to his aid. Together, they were able to defeat the devil’s offspring and were almost victorious before they realized that Taban had joined them, but he was not fully himself…

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Zoya Ibrahim
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Previously on Demonic Vows: Jawad, a Mottaqī trainee, was out on an undertaking to exterminate a gunah demon of hopelessness with his sister, Warisa, and a young schoolmate, Taban, when he impulsively ran after the Whisperer who awakened the sin, in hopes of learning more about his dead mother. The Whisperer invited him for answers in the dead of the night and, abandoning all he knew was right, he decided to go and meet the devil’s offspring…

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Zoya Ibrahim
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In Jawad’s world, the sins are visible by the human eye to specially trained warriors called Mottaqīn, who are assigned to exterminate them. However, one sacred rule cannot be broken: do not go seeking the Whisperers. When Jawad does exactly that, guided by his secrets and the longing for his dead mother, he endangers not only himself but all those whom he loves as well…