In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficient

Teenqilabi [pronounced teen-kill-AH-be]

A person who falls within the age range of 13-19 and aims to change the world through Islamic social justice.

Example: “I know a teenqilabi from Iraq who recently made some artwork for a fundraiser for Yemen.”

The word comes from two different words in two different languages: teen, and Inqilabi.

Inqilabi is a Farsi word that translates into English as “revolutionary.”

Now that you know what a teenqilabi is, it’s up to you to decide if you are one. And if you are one, this is where you belong on the internet. We value you. We appreciate you. We know Islam is not just a religion, rather an entire lifestyle. A solution to all the existing problems of the world. An answer to the prayers of every oppressed individual on the planet. But knowing is not enough. We want to tell this to the whole world.

We want to hear from you. From fact-based articles, fictional and non-fictional stories, reports and memoirs to poetry, artwork and tips to improve yourself, we want to hear it all. If you have something to share and were looking for a platform that could give you a voice, wait no longer.

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See you, InshaAllah!