On September 16, an Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini passed away of a sudden cardiac arrest while in being admitted to a moral correctional class by the police. Though she died of health issues she had since childhood, the blame was put on the police.

The incident gave rise to a number of protests scattered across the country, with a limited number of protestors engaging in highly condemnable acts to show their disagreement with the Islamic Republic. As the unrest continued to grow, international news all over the world had the honor of adding fuel to the fire by reporting one side of the story and painting a biased picture of the government.

The morality police – and Iran’s restrictive clothing laws – are rejected by a lot of Iranians.
­– Al-Jazeera English

While these news articles didn’t fail to convey “a lot of Iranians’” hot desire to change how the things are in the country, none of them actually included the heinous crimes committed by the so-called changemakers, including slitting throats of police members or burning down religious subjects such as the Holy Quran and the mosques.

Twelve protestors attending the protest against the Republic as three tend to the fire. Source: Middle East Eye

When the Iranian people witnessed the civil unrest caused by a minor number of protestors, they had had enough.

Procession in Qom, Iran against the anti-Revolution and anti-Hijab movement. Source: Qom Online News

The people of the country organized processions to show their support for the Islamic Republic and the Hijab laws in various cities of Iran, including Qom, Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan.

Woman in the procession holding a sign that says, “If you can burn your Hijab to oppose the Islamic Republic, we can sacrifice our lives to protect it.” Source: IRNA

The supporters of the Islamic Republic marched and raised their voices to show the world that they are with the Islamic Republic and the Hijab law is their choice.

Tehran: Iranian women holding a sign that refers to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. Source: FarsNews

However, once again, selectively-reporting international news channels failed to notice the Islamic Republic supporters largely outnumber the people against it. Google searches in the English language also prove to be useless, as the results only show the protestors against the Inqilab and none of the processions or marches held in its favor.

Iranian men holding a sign that says, “Our police are our pride and our honor.” Source: Qom Online News

The sheer number of attendees of these processions itself is enough proof to convince anyone of the truth: The majority of the Iranians accept the Islamic Republic with its dress code laws while only a minority desires to dissolve it.

Men and women carrying flags of Iran and pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei to show their solidarity against the anti-Revolution protests. Source: Qom Online News

Featured Image via IRNA

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