As the heartrending martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA) approaches, Muslims find themselves visiting Majalis and mourning for all the tragedies that befell on the daughter of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in 11 AH (623 CE).

Many, though, accidentally or purposely, overlook the calamities oppressing the Lady (SA) today, right now.

Royall Records’ Urdu latmiyya by the name of “Mazar e Fatima” tries to awaken the mourners to the miserable reality of a deserted, lonely shrine in a city full of lights.

Nadeem Sarwar opens the noha with a stirring verse (“Look at how depressed the tomb of Fatima [SA] is, with only a single stone on its grave.”) as he describes the current situation of the Baqi Cemetery, demolished completely by the Al-Saud in mid 1920s. The broken graves of the some of the most pious human beings to have ever lived lie in the scorching heat of Saudi Arabia, unable to be visited by anyone as the pilgrimage of Jannat al-Baqi is banned. “The righteous are incapable of kissing [the shrine in respect].”

O Allah, the helplessness of Fatima!
There’s no one to light a candle (on her grave)
The daughter of Prophet is left alone in a dark corner
As Medina blazes with light
And her broken grave is draped with [grief]
O’ oppressed, O’ Zahra!
O’ innocent, O’ Zahra!

Mazar e Fatima

The noha then shakes the believers into remembering the magnitude of the Lady’s (SA) persona as it talks about her relationship with the family members of the Prophet (SA) “Zahra, the one whose sons are Hassan and Hussain. Zahra, the one whose husband is the Victor of Hunayn!”. Often, we find our whole beings shook with rage and indignation if anyone raises a finger at the holy personalities of Imam Hussain or Imam Ali (AS). Why, then, do we turn a blind eye at this extreme disrespect of the shrine of the Prophet’s daughter every single day? “Zahra, the one who is the peace of the Prophet’s heart!”

Let’s ask ourselves, is it enough to change our profile pictures to black and mourn for a few days for the Lady who became the stronghold of Imamah? Why should mourning limit us from striving to restore the Cemetery back to its rightful dignity? “What will you say when you come face-to-face of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] on the Day of Judgement?”

O’ Society, was there nothing you could do…
For the Lady who supplicated for you in each prayer?
Could all you give her was a shattered tomb?
When we look at the grave of Sayyaddah (SA),
It feels like Fatima herself (SA) is sitting under the [searing] sun.

Mazar e Fatima

One thing, however, that this beautiful latmiyya lacked was pouring light over the most important question that follows the discussion of our responsibility: What are some practical steps we can take to actively work on rebuilding the shrine of our Lady? Is there anything we can do right now?

The answer would be yes.

The first thing we could do, obviously, is bring attention to this problem on the social media in an appropriate manner that does not insult or alienate our Sunni brothers and sisters. Social media, being one of the fastest and most effective forms of communication today, could definitely be used against the oppression in a variety of ways. Your art, your statuses, your words and your captions matter – perhaps more than you think.

Politically weakening the current oppressor of the Lady – the notorious House of Saud – is another task that rests on the shoulders of the Muslim youth.

The exhausted shrine is of daughter of the Prophet of Mercy, the prophet who belongs not to just Islam but to the whole humanity – who belongs to both Shi’as and the Sunnis. Strengthening Muslim Unity so that a billion more hands could work towards the Lady’s rights would also give a huge boost to the mission. Anything and everything that we can do bridge the gap between the sects and slash away all the misconceptions and hatred that exists would be a very practical stepthat we can take right now.

May Allah give us the Tawfiq (opportunity) to rebuild the shrine brick by brick with our own bare hands and bring peace in the heart of our Living Imam (ATFS).

The loneliness of the Messenger laments.
The shrine of the Prophet stares with yearning in its eyes.
The tears shriek in pain, “Waa Mohammada!”
O Imam, please come and set the mat of mourning!
O Imam, please come and lament with us!

Mazar e Fatima

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