Hafta-e Defa-e Muqaddas… What?!

In Iran, the week between 31st of Shahrivar until the 7th of Mehr (which is 22-29 of September), is known as Sacred Defense Week, which is bent around commemorating, and in a way, celebrating the acheivements of the young and old volunteers who went out of their comfort zones to protect their homeland, and the new Revolution when Saddam and the Western world had conspired to impose a deadly 8-year-war on Iran.

There is a huge graveyard in Qom, by the name of Golzar-e-Shohada, or the Garden of the Martyrs (I know right? Leave it to the Iranians to make everything about flowers and gardens and saffron-flavored rosewater). Over there, they had a breathtaking set up for this week, with decorations on some of the graves, and a speaker who was himself a volunteer from the war. As soon as you enter, everything changes. From a dark street into Golzar, it was like… wow!

So many people had come to remember all those that have their lives so we could sleep, live and do our pilgrimage in peace. Insha Allah you all enjoy some of the pictures I managed to take 🙂

Till next time, this is your reporter from Qom, Binte Ali!

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