The Messenger’s flesh and blood, you see, went through a lot of pain.

Some call him Abaa Abdillah, and others, Hussain.

When a father has a son, he is excited to watch him grow into a young man,

But with the son of Hussain? That wasn’t fate’s plan.

His young lion, Ali Akbar, couldn’t stand leaving his father alone.

So he insisted to help, and to fight a fight of his own.

He was the grandson of Ali, and the nephew of Abbas.

The enemies did not stand the slightest chance.

However, there had been no water for three days,

This, very painfully, the history says.

He came back to his father.

Just to ask for a little water.

But alas, Hussain’s tongue, too, was as dry as wood,

He rode back to the battlefield, this time, for good,

As the young lion fought without a speck of fear,

His abdomen was met with the enemy’s spear.

The land of Karbala had its heart wrung,

as the son of Hussain (A) embraced martyrdom.

Featured image via Shafaqna

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