Let me tell you of an event that took place over a thousand years ago,

It’s not your typical tale, just to let you know.

Though it does have a happy ending, but not to the blind eye.

So pay attention, as we travel to the grim sky.

Thousands of years ago, a man decided to change.

He chose to enter Heaven peacefully, and not Hell, deranged.

He made a choice between Heaven and Hell,

Who was this man? By now, I’m sure you could tell.

He was known as Hurr, back in the days.

He thought before acting, and for the good, changed his ways.

He was told that he is free, just as his mother named him.

Killed so innocently at the hands of people so grim.

His head was resting in the lap of his master when martyrdom sounded an alarm,

His soul took off, leaving Hussain (A) with a final salaam!

Featured image via Shafaqna

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