Salaam Alaikum dear readers and a very happy Eid e Ghadeer Mubarak!

Today, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Teenqilabi.

Alhamdulillah, this one year was just the roller coaster we expected and needed in our lives. In this short year, we got to meet so many cool teens from all around the world and our team grew from just three members to twelve. We also faced two site downings, account deletion threats from Instagram but most importantly, we got to end the year with lots of love and du’as from brothers and sisters all over the world.

For our one-year anniversary, we have:

  • brought a new logo! Here’s what it stands for.
  • added team testimonials on our about page. Check them out now!
  • started working on a new secret project called Training. Should be live here once we’re done, InshaAllah!
  • started a newsletter! Subscribe here.

Much more planned, and lots more du’as required!

JazakAllah Afdhal al-Khair,

Featured image via Webstaurant.

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