Alhamdulilah, Teenqilabi is glad to unveil our new logo, which was kindly designed by a volunteer sister. The new, Pen and Tulip logo is perfectly captures the essence of Teenqilabi. Here’s how I would break it down:

  • The letter T – short for Teenqilabi
  • The Pen – a symbol of literary resistance; the use of pen symbolizes the use of academia and writing in the path of the revolution
  • The Tulip – a symbol of martyrdom; tulips have long been associated with martyrdom in the path of Allah
  • The Drop of a Martyr’s Blood – strategically situated at the tip of the pen to count for the ink, and at the base of the Tulip to make it clear where the inspiration comes from

We hope you like the new logo, InshaAllah! Don’t forget to provide us with your valuable feedback on it!

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Hasanāt Zoulfikār

Founder & Editor

Hasanāt is the founder and the currently serving editor-in-chief of Teenqilabi.

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