Have you ever heard or watched anything that’s so powerful, you’re left thinking about it for days? It’s that feeling you get that makes you go “Woah that was deep!”

PureStream-Media recently released the English-subtitled version of an interesting Islamic rap song called ‘Be Careful’ produced in Iran that deals with shackles placed on human beings by the enemies of humanity.

Lyrics that were beautifully written by Mahdi Jahandar immediately capture your attention with the opening line, “You said that if I become a Momin, I will be exhilarated” leaving the listeners thinking about the baffling scene on video where there’s a man getting his brain prodded on whilst getting a tattoo of a barcode. What does being a Momin have anything to do with getting a tattoo?! It may have you contemplate that getting something permanently inked onto your skin means that it’s turning into a part of you. Many a times, we keep attaching badges, tattoos, titles to ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, and they become etched into our personalities. How many times do we stop and ask, does it correspond to my base identity of a Mo’min?

“They desire clubs and casinos”

In today’s day and age, our fellow young Muslim brothers and sisters who although are in the safe zones of faith, are struggling to hold on with the temptations of the Westerner’s idea of entertainment. Unfortunately, some and many are starting to succumb to the enemy’s ideologies and what they want as the “Bani Ummayah wants drunkards and donkeys” is dangerously coming true. This song clearly lays out what exactly the enemies of our Imams (a) want: “Bani Ummayah only wants indifferent people, they want the people to live an indifferent life”, to be literal in every sense. Why should I care about what’s happening in Palestine? Who cares who’s killing kids in Yemen.. Alright I’m gonna drop a few dollars to this online fundraiser for them, but please ask me no more. I don’t care if something I buy financially benefits an oppressor. What is an oppressor anyway?

The constant repetition of ‘Bani Ummayah’ can be inferred in many ways as it can be interpreted as the old tyrant tribe 1400 years ago that made it their mission to lead people astray from the school and the teachings of the Ahlulbayt, or more relevantly, today’s hegemonic powers of the world concentrated in the West. Nonetheless, they both want to achieve the same goals in all circumstances as “They want ignorant Shias… those who have no will power” just like they want “Imam Ali to be in the middle of the battlefield without Duldul or Zulfiqar”. Shias aren’t complete without Ali (A) and his Wilayah (authority), but every warrior needs his army and his ammunition in the midst of the battleground – his Shi’as, his double-bladed sword, Zulfiqar (the spine splitter) and his strong steed Duldul.

Often nowadays, youths of the community are fairly educated, with the need to be better and stay on top of the game to grasp the opportunities their parents and forefathers worked hard for, but never got the chance to fulfill. Many, in this modern era are becoming experts of the religion, with their young ambitious minds searching for more, and eagerly accepting anything from the higher ups to be known as that ‘young scholar’. However because they do anything and everything, sometimes they make the mistake of being manipulated as the lyric notes “Bani Ummayah wants Imams of the prayers to keep up their prayers and fasting, but have no impact on people… and wants them and social leaders to wear an Aba (mantle), but be crowned by another” as the leaders of the communities have all the knowledge of the world, but not a heart big enough or strong enough to strike a message and spread the word of Tawhid effectively. It’s all in saying that one is a Muslim by the tongue rather than the heart, and wears a symbol of an Aba (a black cotton mantle) that makes a figure of Islamic authority easily recognizable but yet so far away into the clutches of the corrupt. The imagery in the video illustrates the learned Muslim putting on an Aba, but yet as he turns around, it is painted with the UK flag, which simply tells the audience that not all those who look ‘religious scholars’ derive their energy and rewards from God alone. Some are, alas being controlled by none other than the ‘Bani Ummayah’.

Status quo: that’s all you hear about in the news and how governments are trying to maintain their images and reputations. Take the UAE for example, one of the richest Arab countries in the world, an ‘Islamic’ country that’s open to tolerance and tourists from all over the globe, yet while trying to stay at the top, has defied the meaning of the unity of Muslims as one and have a concordance with the ultimate enemy, Israel. But that’s what they’ve succumbed to right? They’ve given the adversaries exactly what they want as “Bani Ummayah wants politicians who aren’t a danger to the status quo; those who come to terms with Yazeed” as history repeats itself. They’ve made deals with the devil and have gone against everything the Holy Prophet (S) fought for, what the Palestinians are fighting for; harmony and peace and freedom to be Muslims. They claim to have tolerance, they claim to be peaceful but yet are “politicians who are deceitful, useless and ignorant, and those who cunningly, plot and deceive” as the graphic demonstrates an image of Pinocchio, the puppet whose lies made his nose longer, all while trying to prove worthy to be real enough in the eyes of the entire world.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, but although it may seem to be thriving in numbers, it is lacking in sincerity of the faith. Rather the reputation of it being on the mend from terrorist groups, it is being broken within by something else. “All that is hurting Islam is because of our self-centrism. Imam Hussain is searching for helpers fearless of death. All that is hurting Islam is because of our ignorance”, but alas, though it may seem like it, not many Muslims of today are brave enough, rather too weak by the inclinations of the world to fight back. What’s keeping Islam to fully blossom into the open are the dark days of Jahilliyah that have come back to us as we are either too busy staying away from the truth or are too caught up with our selfish desires and needs to truly let ourselves be integrated with our religion. Despite being reminded of death everyday or commemorating the remembrance of the 72 martyrs every Islamic New Year, Muslims aren’t adequately zealous or ardent to meet their Lord who created them even though our Imam needs this quality to help the present afflicted state of the world.

Muslims are in the state of Intidhar which is to hopefully await “Hazrat the beloved (Imam Mahdi)” while he is in major occultation and to become the best version of themselves, someone aspiring to be like the “Moon of Bani Hashim”. Abbas bin Ali (A) was the fierce supporter and brother of Imam Hussain (A) who could be relied upon by the Imam of His Time (A) for just about anything. His support was that equivalent to more than a 1000 men as his youthful strength and bravery continues to be “a guiding light as Moon of Bani Hashim to those whose lips are thirsty and hearts are eager” to “destroy the army of Haramala”. As a symbolic figure to the young adults, his courage provides inspiration for us to be on the same and to strive to level up, up enough to be considered a soldier in the army of the Imam (A) as in this day and age, we need to work hard enough to hold onto our faith that’s harder to hold than a burning coal in our hands, and to be the one “present in the middle of the arena” to attain justice for the killers of Ali Asghar (the 6 month old instant son of the third Imam) and similarly, the innocent children and victims of today.

Now is the time “to stand up while you wait” and be active as the message of this Islamic rap song has presented and depicted how substantial this time is, especially with battling inner morales and struggle to remain steadfast on the right path without going astray. The appearance of the Imam becomes closer everyday, so strive and endeavor as Imam Mahdi “still wants (and searches) for his supporters!”

Featured Image via PureStream Media.

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