Do you often find yourself aimlessly exploring Instagram sometimes, arriving at content that you don’t really relate with? Especially with summers up ahead and a pile of homework that we all know you’re not gonna touch before there’s like fifteen days left until you go back to school? Well, here are 10 clean Muslim Instagram accounts to follow where you can actually learn something while exploring. Click on the titles for links to the pages.

1. Tehran Times

As much as some kids may say it’s boring, it’s important. Especially for Teenqilabis! You need to know what’s going around you, and Tehran Times is one good source. There’s couple more suggestions too though, like MintPress News, Press Plus, Eye on Palestine, too. Since they’re all the same genre, we’ve put it together under one heading.

2. Hood ‘n’ Cape

This is a page definitely worth giving a follow! Each post updates their followers on current news through exciting comic illustrations as well as giving tips on how to deal with Islamophobia through animated pictures instead of just words.

3. Mani and Shani

This is a page full of digital creativity! They upload 3-10 minute animated videos on their page that enlighten us on everything between messages about the objectives of Imam Hussain (A) to debates on whether there’s a God or not. They have a page in Urdu as well!

4. Who Are Martyrs?

If you’ve always wanted to know more about the martyrs of Islam, from the Sacred Defense to the Defense of the Shrines, this page is a must-follow.

5. Sister Sahar Jaber

Sahar Jaber, an author who aims to inspire young Muslim women and teach young Muslims how to tackle a range of different problems with reliable Islamic literature while offering useful tips here and there. Another must-follow.

6. Mizan Institute

Mizãn is founded on the principle of increasing the accessibility of rich Islamic educational content through a simple, yet extensive platform, for English-speaking Muslims and it offers various informational podcasts like Tafsir Treasures as well. Their page often updates you with new and exciting programmes they have to offer!

7. Imam Reza (A) English

The official English-language account of Imam Reza’s (A)‌ Holy Shrine. Need I say more?


Not your average MSA. From calendars recording important dates to exam tips, they have it all!

9. Qaim Initiative

Collection of articles, tweets, quotes and so much more… in a beautiful green theme. Seriously, don’t miss this one.

10. Teenqilabi

To stay updates with more articles like this one. Hehe.

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There you have it! 10 awesome and inspiring Muslim Instagram accounts to follow that will be worthwhile your time, and hey at least you’ll be on social media but still actively learning!

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