A poem dedicated to the children of Yemen.

Look at me. 

I’m made of bones

My rib cage can be seen through my torn clothes 

My dry eyes can’t seem to form anymore tears

I have skin thinner than paper

And I’m shaped like a skeletal figure

“Soulful eyes and chubby cheeks” 

I have no flesh and my eyes are weak

I don’t even look like a child.

I’m a human made of sticks 

But am I even human?

My home is a graveyard 

In a forgotten barren land…

My body makes you shiver

It makes you wince and quiver

And all you do is take a picture.




Why don’t you save me?

Featured image via ABC News.

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Fatima Jafri

Fatima Jafri loves to analyze social issues in a different perspective. She aspires to pursue a career in social sciences and journalism. In her free time, she writes poetry and reads memoirs. She hopes one day that her writing will help someone be more vulnerable when understanding society.

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