Your soul ascends to your Lord, 

finally, must I say.

Your cries did He respond to, 

for a living martyr, you did portray. 

A million lives have you touched; millions crave your blessed touch,

Farewell, oh commander! Your presence, we miss very much. 

Last year greeted us with a tragedy so cynical, yet equally as blissful. The martyrdom of Qassem Soleimani dug a deep hole of desolateness in hearts yet simultaneously paved a path of growth for those desiring support. It was his martyrdom that shook the souls of the enemies unveiling the faces of the hypocrites, and yet at the same time trembled the hearts of the dormant, letting them know that the time for change is near.

Isn’t it strange that the martyrdom of one person can bring so much impact to the world? Well, it perplexed me at first. Hundreds of questions arose which stemmed from one question, “Why is his martyrdom making me re-evaluate my life?”

That is when I realized, he is not an ordinary man. He is a divinely chosen, living martyr who had reached heights of submission. His martyrdom is a sign that the preparations for Imam Mahdi’s (AJTF) revolution have begun. It is a sign that one needs to push themselves to stand out to be of help to the Imam (AJTF). And so, the questions that were once left unanswered, finally gained a response, “Wake up. Wake up before it’s too late and the army of the Imam leaves you.”


Art: Shaheed Qassem Solemani, The Knight of Al-Quds │ Anonymous

Many worldwide have taken Shaheed Qassem’s martyrdom as their one final push to reach their potential. Following are a few examples of people I had the chance to talk about this with.

“Before the martyrdom of Shaheed Qassem and Shaheed Abu Mahdi, I didn’t know them and much about martyrdom. But as soon as the news of their martyrdom came, I felt like I have known them for years. I will never forget the sorrow that filled the homes of the Shia. Shaheed Qassem’s martyrdom was the beginning of my love for martyrdom and martyrs. 

He is justice, and as an Iraqi, I will forever be thankful for what he did for us. Remembering this martyr is remembering how corrupt America is and we all need to strive and better ourselves for Imam Mahdi’s (AJTF) reappearance.”

— Ghadir, the Netherlands

The mission of Shaheed Qassem is summed up in one word, which is justice. We must always remember that the enemy is close.

“Qassem Solemani wasn’t a familiar name to me until I heard of his martyrdom, which is a shame. I wish I knew about this great personality earlier. His death caused an indescribable feeling of lowness and sadness — like the Imam (AJTF) was upset by his death. It was a wakeup call that the world needed, that the enemy is close, and time is ticking.

A man whom I had never heard of, became part of my daily discussions, a part of my supplications that I Hadiya (gift) to his soul and a part of my room too, where I am reminded of how the faithful servants of Allah are by looking at him. 

The shuhada are not dead but are alive and are stars that guide us in this world of darkness, allowing us to join the light eventually.”

— SRK,* Dubai, UAE

His touched lives of those who were not aware of who he was. How is that possible? Maybe because the Imam was deeply saddened too, and those connected to him felt his pain. 

“O Father, your departure from this world was the day I lost everything. How devastating it feels, hiding my love from everyone around; however, you know how this heart bleeds as I cherish every moment. Till the day we meet, please do not leave my side, even in the hereafter. May I be guided on your path, O father.”

— Anonymous, Russia

Qassem Solemani │ Image via Tehran times

Indeed, he was our father, protecting our lives when he was on earth, and protecting our souls once he departed to his Lord. 

“It was the morning after Fajr when I heard about the martyrdom of Sardaar. Initially, I did not believe the news; I thought it was a misunderstanding, but then I saw IRGC officially announcing the martyrdom. I saw Rehbar crying over his funeral. 

When it is about my love for him or how he changed my life, words cannot do justice to it. Before his martyrdom, I was nothing; I was lost somewhere in this Dunya. It was Sardaar who took my hand and helped me walk on this path of divine love. It was his love from which I became familiar with other martyrs; through his love, I understood that everyone has to leave this Dunya. The best way to part is through martyrdom, which will ultimately make you immortal in such a way that even your smile in a lifeless image will frighten your enemies.

I wish we serve our Ahlulbayt the way our Sardaar did and then achieve martyrdom on this path, Insha’Allah.”

— Anonymous, Pakistan

The flame of martyrdom has increased in the hearts of many, and it will only extinguish once we meet our Lord, Insha’Allah.

Art: Shaheed Qassem Solemani being welcomed in heaven by Imam Hussain │ Image via

“It was only after my flight back from the most spiritual trip I had in Iran when I heard about the martyrdom of Haj Qassem. A part of me stood there wondering if it was real and a part of me wanted to catch the next flight back to Iran to attend the funeral of the most honoured martyr. His martyrdom is the main reason why I hold the utmost respect for all other martyrs. He showed me the right path and how sacrificing your soul in the 21st century is always possible. I learnt bravery. I learnt success, and most importantly, I learnt the meaning of Sabr and Tawwakkul.”

—Syed Mesum Rizvi, UK

And so, through his martyrdom, the message of Karbala was revived. We understand that it is possible, even now, to reach the status of becoming a living martyr. It is possible to strive, so hard that God looks at you and chooses you for himself. 

“In the Name of the Lord of the Martyrs,

Oh Flag-bearer of truth, through your actions you pledged your allegiance to the son of Zahra and remained loyal to his message. You were steadfast on your mission and invincible in the battlefield. You were the shield of the Hussain of your time and you defended your Wali until your last breath.

You rose above the carnal passions of your Nafs and refused to bend to the will of the Yazid within, and thus you conquered the Yazid without. Like your master Hussain, your death has lit a fire in the hearts of the Shia nation, that shall never subside. A fire, a flame, a candle that leads us to light, to justice, to enlightenment amidst the gloom of the falsehood spread by your enemies.

Our hearts burn with the embers of your love and shall not rest until your blood is avenged. We are the nation of Hussain.”

— Husneay Zahra, Australia

Art: Shaheed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, The Knight of Karbala │ Anonymous

He was no ordinary being, for the experiences here attest to the fact that he was an honorable figure. I pray that all those who wish to tread upon this path, take his life as an inspiration to begin. We pray to avenge the blood of our dear leader. Qassem Soleimani left this earth, leaving behind thousands of Solemanis to walk on this path.

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