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Zoya Ibrahim
7 Min Read

Too many cancellations. Please try again later. No driver was accepting our Uber request, and it had started snowing now. The sunlight, as little as an infant’s breath, glinted off from the glass-like tips of tiny snowflakes that flurried onto us from the sky like…

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Binte Ali
1 Min Read

Hafta-e Defa-e Muqaddas… What?! In Iran, the week between 31st of Shahrivar until the 7th of Mehr (which is 22-29 of September), is known as Sacred Defense Week, which is bent around commemorating, and in a way, celebrating the acheivements of the young and old…

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Ahfad Jaffery
2 Min Read

Transcript of the audio: In the name of Allah, the Only, the Omnipotent We, the teens from the School of Karbala, on this calamitous Day of Ashura, sincerely pledge, in the presence of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) that we will only worship Allah alone, now and…

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Fatima Jafri
2 Min Read

The world has given you the burden of holding a tragedy in your small hands. Your innocence ripped away in a barren land, You wake up to the sounds of bombs instead of birds; And your voice pleads such silenced words. I’m sorry; That your…